Garage Door Replacement

West County Garage Door Service offers fast and efficient garage door replacement. We are a highly sought after garage door contractor in the local community because of the excellent services we offer so effectively. Although it is always our intention to repair components, there are times when this is not always the best option. There are situations in which replacing the part with a quality component is the best way to go. We offer outstanding replacement service at a price our customers can afford.

We are the number one choice for replacement and installation services. Whether you require replacement service or you are simply having new components installed, We will do the job quickly and efficiently. Many people do not realize that there are hundreds of parts in the garage door system. There are specific major components that typically wear out over time and need to be replaced. We offer complete garage door replacement, garage door installation, and parts replacement service.


Your garage door springs are designed to make it easy for you or your garage door opener to lift the garage door. When these springs break or go bad it can make it difficult to impossible to lift the garage door. There are a variety of reasons that your garage door springs can break a variety of reasons.

One common reason is general wear and tear however extreme heat or cold can also stress the springs to the point of breaking. Whatever the reason is, a broken spring can make your garage door inoperable. It is also advised not to attempt to open or close once the spring has broken as this can cause damage to the door or the tracks. Remember garage doors tend to be quite heavy and can cause injury if not handled properly. When a garage door problem such as this happens to you it always best to contact a licensed professional like garage door hero to help.


There are several pieces of hardware that come with every garage door, however not every piece of hardware will work with any garage door. Many Garage doors come with their own specific type of hardware fitted to the specifications and functionality of the door.

Having the right hardware that is in good working order is vital to the longevity and functionality of the garage door itself. This includes the garage door rollers which come in a variety of sizes and materials including stainless steel and hard plastic. The garage door cables which are made of intertwined steel threads. The garage door hinges and the track itself are also considered hardware and are vital to your garage door operability.

If any of these items become broken or not properly sized your garage door can become difficult if not impossible to open and close. We see this type of issue a lot and know how to get the right parts for your door and how to get it back in working order quickly.